A well-crafted plan can provide peace of mind and preserve assets for the benefit of family and loved ones.

As we progress in our lives, our estate planning needs can change as we raise families and acquire and dispose of assets. In addition, estate taxation and probate laws can change. I work with clients over time to ensure that their estate plans and wills reflect their current family and financial situation, and take comply with current Idaho and federal law.

By establishing a well-thought out will and estate plan, you can minimize or avoid estate taxes and spare your family members the burden of probate problems which could lead to probate litigation. I can provide efficient and orderly probate administration services to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled and your assets are distributed properly.

At my practice, Kevin J. Waite, P.C., I help clients plan for the orderly transition of their estates through the writing of wills, the establishment of trusts, and the provision of thoughtful estate planning advice.

I advise clients in matters involving:

Estate planning clients can come to me with questions regarding wills or revocable living trusts. In my opinion, such trusts are sometimes oversold or sold to people who do not need them and whose affairs can be handled perfectly well through a will. Revocable trusts generally involve more paperwork and are more expensive than wills. My knowledge can help you avoid costly choices, while still protecting your assets and your legacy. A question that is often asked, is about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Living Trusts.

When you retain my services, you will have a lawyer who listens carefully and respectfully to your goals and puts more than two decades of trial and negotiation experience into securing the best outcome possible for your case.