Track Record - Representative Cases

State of Idaho v. Patnude, No. CV 10-9964 (Kootenai County)

Defendant was arrested in Kootenai County on an arrest warrant from the Commonwealth of Virginia arising out of child support proceedings there. The State of Idaho issued its own warrant based on the Virginia warrant, as well as a Fugitive Information, seeking the Defendant's extradition to Virginia. Briefing and hearing on basis for the warrant under Virginia law and the propriety of the Idaho procedures used resulted in the dismissal of the Idaho Fugitive Information and the Defendant's release from the Kootenai County Jail.

State of Idaho v. Westhafer, No. CRF 09-19308 (Kootenai County)

Two-day felony DUI trial, resulting in a hung jury.

State of Idaho v. Frank, No. CR 08-15255 (Kootenai County)

Charge of possession of marijuana. Case dismissed following granting of motion to suppress all evidence obtained against Defendant on illegal search and seizure.